Welcome to Rabbit Class! 

Mrs Smith is the class teacher for Rabbit class. Mrs Savage and Miss McTernan are the TAs that support the class during the week on different days.

Each day there is a helper of the day. The chosen child wears a rainbow sash (we have 5 so there is a fresh one each day) and they help Mrs Smith in whichever way is needed during the day. This is a very privileged role and Rabbit children look forward to their turn.

We have a class mascot, Hopping Holly, who use to go home with each child at weekends but due to covid this has not been possible so, to stop her getting lonely in school, the children take turns to write in her diary, telling Hopping Holly about their weekend and about their own teddies and toys adventures with them.  This is a chance for the children to write at home for a purpose.

As rewards for good work or behaviour the children can earn ‘Gems’. These are counted up at the end of each week and added to the Gem-O-meter total. Over the term, the more they get, the better the treat at the end of the term.

Our Autumn topic is ‘Basketful of Memories’. This is a History topic and we will start with thinking about ‘Ourselves’ moving onto Our families and grandparents and then going back in time to look at how life was 150 years ago. 

Topic Overview: Planning Overview Autumn 21

Knowledge organisers used in Year One:

Specific to the Autumn Term:

Yr 1 History KO Aut 1 Basketful of memories

Y1 Materials (1) Science.pptx

Used throughout the year:

Y1 Science KO- Seasons – All year

Art –  YR 1 Art Drawings and Colour KO – All year

Art  –  Y1 Art KO Form 3D and Collage – All year

Art – YR 1 Art Painting and colour KO – All year