We are the Rabbits. We are in Year 1 on the Willington site. Mrs Smith is our class teacher. We have been basing our learning on a topic called Yum Yum, looking at food, where our food comes from, food based art and design technology and stories with a food focus!


Class Work for Week 5 and 6 of the second half of the Summer Term

Week-five-of-Summer term 2

(Mrs Smith will also be posting a special video each day on the Rabbits’ private FB group or Dojo.)


story mountain for food story

Analysis of all six stories for discussion

WALT character description , setting for own food story

T-L-612E-Fire-Page-Borders-Narrow-Lined (1)

Other subjects:

UK Atlas Activity Sheet Uk labelling the seas, countries and capitals

UK Map A4 cities and seas

UK power point

blank world map (1)

what do plants need to grow worksheet.pdf 2

what do plants need to grow worksheet not powerpoint

Where does food come from? world map

work sheet Where does food come from ?


Week-six-of-Summer term 2

Describing seasons work sheet

Healthy meal sorting activity




week beginning 29th June  Lesson-1-Ordering-numbers Lesson-2-Recognising-coins Lesson-3-Recognising-notes Lesson-4-Counting-in-coins

answers: Lesson-1-Answers-Ordering-numbers Lesson-2-Answers-Recognising-coins Lesson-3-Answers-Recognising-notes Lesson-4-Answers-Counting-in-coins

week beginning 6th July  Lesson-1-Find-a-half-1 Lesson-2-Find-a-half-2 Lesson-3-Find-a-quarter-1 Lesson-4-Find-a-quarter-2

answers: Lesson-1-Answers-Find-a-half-1 Lesson-2-Answers-Find-a-half-2 Lesson-3-Answers-Find-a-quarter-1 Lesson-4-Answers-Find-a-quarter-2

Alternative – week beginning 6th July: Lesson 1 – Describe turns Lesson 1 Answers – Describe turns Lesson 2 – Describe position (1) Lesson 2 Answers – Describe position (1) Lesson 3 – Describe position (2) Lesson 3 Answers – Describe position (2) Lesson 4 – Problem solving with position and direction Lesson 4 Answers – Problem solving with position and direction

Summer Learning Booklet (Please see the Parentmail about this.)

Y1 Activity Booklet (l)

Y1 Activity Booklet answers