Welcome to Rabbit Class! Our teacher is Mrs Smith.

Each day, Mrs Smith has a special class helper, who wears a rainbow sash (of which we have five, one for each week day so they can go into isolation between uses!) Their jobs include collecting the register and changing the daily date and weather charts. This is a very important job and all the children in the class have their turn at being class helper. The children of Rabbit class earn gems for effort in work or behaviour and each week the gems are counted up and added to the gem-o-meter; the higher up the meter, the bigger the reward at the end of each half term

Hopping Holly is the mascot of Rabbit class and used to go home with a different child each weekend, every child would have at least one visit from Hopping Holly over the year. She has a diary for the child to record the visit with a small piece of writing and sometimes a photo. Because of Covid 19, Hopping Holly can’t go home at the moment and needs to stay on the shelf at school, which makes her very lonely. So now each child will have a turn to take home a letter writing sheet that they can write a letter from their own toys about what they have been up to over that particular weekend. The completed letter will then be sent back to share with Hopping Holly and this will be stuck into her diary along with any photos. This is a fun way for the children to engage in writing with a purpose.



Planning Overview Autumn 2020

Autumn newsletter 2020


Here are the Knowledge Organisers for this term:

Yr 1 History KO Aut 1 Basketful of memories.

D&T Mechanisms – making a moving story book- Knowledge Organiser

D&T Puppets Knowledge Organiser 

Y1 Materials Science

KS 1 PHSE Being in my World (yr 2+1 2020)