Let us introduce ourselves…we are Year 5 and the Woodpeckers Class.

Sadly we aren’t in school at the moment but when we are we love to have fun whilst learning and are brilliant at making links across the curriculum. We love sharing a class novel and are continuing to this on the internet despite the closure. Our teachers are: Mrs Page and Mrs Buisson (We are also lucky enough to have Miss Ryan for French!) They are helped out by: Mrs Long, Mrs Whittingham and Miss McTernan.

Here is a gallery of just some of the wonderful work being done by the amazing Woodpeckers during the closure…


Will’s Mayan Temple
Klest’s Worry Doll

Dr Spencer Silver   We all love a Post-it Note. Read this presentation by Olivia P to find out how they were invented.

Katie’s Worry Doll

Science Spencer Silver  This is Katie’s Powerpoint presentation for Science. Take a look for some interesting facts.


Layla’s Mayan Facemask

Oscar's Limericks
These are Oscar’s fabulous limericks.
Olivia’s Worry Doll
If you are looking for great examples of description for this week’s work then look no further than this work from Oscar!

The Light House Feel yourself being drawn into the scene with this fabulous description from Olivia P.

Layla’s drawing of David Kemp
Congratulations to Katie on passing her Grade 2 Drums with merit!

Phoebe’s science presentation about Bakelite

THE GREAT QUEST – Oscars story

Katies lighthouse description     This will give you goosebumps!

Story of my lighthosue description   Here is Katie’s full story, watch out for the twist at the end!

Class Work 

Below are the links to the home learning for weeks 5 and 6 of the second half of the summer term.

Please note that if you are using any Powerpoint presentations from the resources provided by teachers, the file needs to be in presentation mode for all the features to work correctly. This is especially important if there are any ‘quiz’ type features in the presentation.

Plan and resources for English:

English Y5 Summer 2 Weeks 5 and 6

SPAG Cohesion Activity

SPAG Cohesion in paragraphs

SPAG Cohesion in paragraphs

The Place of Moon and Stars pdf

Language Features Collection week 5 and 6


Spellings Small Group 29 June

Spellings Small Group 6 July

Spellings Woodpeckers 29 June

Spellings Woodpeckers 6 July

Main activity: Ongoing Maths activities


week beginning 29th June Lesson-1-Measuring-with-a-protractor-2 Lesson-2-Drawing-lines-and-angles-accurately Lesson-3-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line Lesson-4-Calculating-angles-around-a-point

answers: Lesson-1-Answers-Measuring-with-a-protractor-2 Lesson-2-Answers-Drawing-lines-and-angles-accurately Lesson-3-Answers-Calculating-angles-on-a-straight-line Lesson-4-Answers-Calculating-angles-around-a-point

week beginning 6th July  Lesson-1-Regular-and-irregular-polygons Lesson-2-Reasoning-about-3D-shapes Lesson-3-Reflection Lesson-4-Translation

answers:  Lesson-1-Answers-Regular-and-irregular-polygons Lesson-2-Answers-Reasoning-about-3D-shapes Lesson-3-Answers-Reflection Lesson-4-Answers-Translation

Extra activities if you have the time: Don’t forget about online TT Rockstars activities!

Times Tables weekly test TTRockstars (1)



Topic and Science:

Science Forces 29 June & 6 July

Water Water Everywhere yr5

Art and Design

Design and Technology Farm to Fork


Don’t forget about Code.org and Kahn Academy activities!

Music Resource compiled by Mrs Bowers

Music resources (2)

Summer Learning Booklet (Please see the Parentmail about this.)

Y5 Activity Booklet (l)

Y5 Activity Booklet – ANSWERS(l)