Hello, we are Badger Class. We are the Year Four children of Sheerhatch Primary School.

We enjoy carrying out important jobs around the school such as organising and playing the music for assembly time and ringing the bell at the start of school and end of breaks.


Home Learning Summer Term 2 Weeks 5 and 6

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English Activities 5-6


Speech marks poster (2)

The Magical Globe – Story starter

Year Four non-negotiables


Spelling Week 10

Spelling Week 11

Maths instructions:

Maths activities wk5-6


week beginning 29th June  Lesson-1-Write-decimals-2020 Lesson-2-Compare-decimals-2020 Lesson-3-Order-decimals-2020 Lesson-4-Round-decimals-2020

answers: Lesson-1-Answers-Write-decimals-2020 Lesson-2-Answers-Compare-decimals-2020 Lesson-3-Answers-Order-decimals-2020 Lesson-4-Answers-Round-decimals-2020

week beginning 6th July Lesson-1-Pounds-and-pence Lesson-2-Ordering-money Lesson-3-Estimating-money Lesson-4-Four-operations

answers:  Lesson-1-Answers-Pounds-and-pence Lesson-2-Answers-Ordering-money Lesson-3-Answers-Estimating-money-1 Lesson-4-Answers-Four-operations

alternative for lessons 1 and 2: Lesson 1 – Estimate answers Lesson 1 Answers – Estimate answers Lesson 2 – Checking strategies Lesson 2 Answers – Checking strategies

Topic and Science:

Science and Topic Activities Week 5 -6


French pets

French pets answers

Music Resource compiled by Mrs Bowers

Music resources (2)

Summer Learning Booklet (Please see the Parentmail about this.)

Y4 Activity Booklet (l)

Y4 Activity Booklet – ANSWERS(l)