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Tournament Report- Tag Rugby 

On Friday, pupils from Years Five and Six took part in a tag rugby competition. Seven teams took part including us. We played six matches, winning five and drawing one, which resulted in us winning the tournament.

In the team,  were Oscar, Bo, Klest, Dylan, Harvey, Rueben, George and Kai. Everyone played really well. We had enough in our team to have one substitute. Most people got a try and lots of tags.

It was a lovely day and we would love to have more tournaments in the future.

Thanks to the school for selecting us and a big thanks to Miss McTernan for taking us.

Written by Oscar


A few snippets from the children with their thoughts on their learning.

I really enjoyed the ‘Roar’ Topic this term. We learnt lots about dinosaurs. I really liked the dinosaur hunt at the beginning. We founds lots of eggs around the school and we even found dinosaur poo (pretend I think). It was really fun! I really enjoyed making a sockosaurus puppet. I was pleased with mine and I liked taking it home to show my grown-ups.          Rae (Year 2)

In Rabbits Class, we’ve been learning about Turrets and Tiaras. For homework we have made swords and 3D dragons! We’re allowed gems if we’re really good. Sometimes, if we’re really really good, Mrs Smith lets us have a party!    Charlie (Year 2)

We’ve been to a multi-sport competition and everyone had a lot of fun. We’ve been doing a lot of Maths. It’s fun because it’s my favourite thing to do.      Violet (Year 2)