Let us introduce ourselves…we are Year 5 and the Woodpeckers Class.

At the moment, we are the oldest children in the school, which means we are given lots of responsibilities and are expected to be good role models. Some of us are whole school helpers where we help keep our school neat and tidy and make sure that we look after things, as well as care for each other.

We enjoy being in Year 5 because we get to do challenging things like being Sports Leaders and representing our school in competitions.  We work hard in class, as the work in Year 5 is challenging but we also have lots of fun.

Our first topic this term is called ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.  We will be looking at Rainforests and rivers and studying lots of Geography.   Our topic last half term was the Victorians and we enjoyed finding out about all the things they invented and built.  We decided though that we don’t think we would have liked to have gone to a Victorian school…it doesn’t sound like it was much fun!

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