Let us introduce ourselves…we are Year 5 and the Woodpeckers Class.

We are one of two classes in Upper Key Stage 2, which means we are given responsibilities and are expected to be good role models. We help keep our school neat and tidy and make sure that we look after things, as well as care for each other.  We work hard in class, as the work in Year 5 is challenging, but we always try to do our best and have lots of fun.

We enjoy being in Year 5 because we get to do more grown up things, like being Sports Leaders and representing our school in sports competitions.  We are allowed to bring in our own pencil cases and can have a back pack rather than a book bag.  We also get given a Learning pack, where we can make notes about our homework and the teachers can send messages home.

Our first topic this year was called ‘Yabadabadoo’, where we studied the Stone Age and how life changed with the creation of first Bronze and then Iron. We really enjoyed our topic; especially when we got to make Stone Age tools and weapons and on our Curriculum Day, we made shelters and cooked bread.  After half term, we studied the ‘Victorians’ and what was important to them.  We looked at the workhouses and the lives of rich and poorer children and the impact of the Industrial Revolution on families.  We researched what they invented and built; including the growth of the Railways.  We then decided that we didn’t think we would have liked to have gone to a Victorian school…it didn’t sound like it was much fun!

This term we are researching the Rainforests, in our topic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.  During this topic, we will be learning about all the plants and animals that live in this fascinating environment.  Along the way, we will be finding out about lines of latitude and longitude that mark out the world’s time and climatic zones. We will be thinking about what makes the Rainforests an important world resource and how deforestation is harming a vital world habitat.


Topic overview Rainforest 2019

Woodpeckers Timetable Spring A 2019

Rainforests learning log Spring 1